The Hands of Time Create Illustrious Works of Art
You Dream it, We Build It

Jeffrey Wilkins aka "Wilco"


 For most of my career, I have made a living as a TV and film director of photography.  I have always enjoyed stretching the potential of scenes by finding compositions within the viewfinder that tell stories that others might not see.  I'm not presumptuous enough to call myself a visionary of any kind, but I will acknowledge that the way I look at things has informed my life, sets me apart from others, and it has enabled me to make a living in an often unforgiving business.

As with photography, after I decide to invest my time on a project, whether it's shooting the beauty shots for a TV show opening, or welding pieces together to create something new from something old, at the end of the project, it damn well better look like the efforts have my stamps on them.  Otherwise, they aren't worth my time.  


 I have had a lifelong passion for model building, but I have never been one to stick to the basic kit or to keep within the lines. I love finding new uses for things others might find useless. 

To me, it is so satisfying to rescue and re purpose objects that have outlived their original function and re-imagining a new future for them.  

HEAVY HARDWARE is my passion.  I design, craft and built vintage industrial style furniture of the highest quality, right here the USA.  My pieces are solid, made to last, unique, and each piece is one of a kind. 


 As a third generation Coloradan, and a history buff, my sensabilities are all about strength, character, and the lasting values. My source materials are industrial era, timeless objects that speak to me about modern uses that will take them confidently into another era.  

HEAVY HARDWARE is about things that are here for you, ready to serve you and will never let you down.

HEAVY HARDWARE means function, beauty and strength.